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We are FATS.AI

FATS.AI was founded in March 2018 as a result of partnership between IT TEST and NKL.
ITTEST brought in its rich software development and QA testing expertise. NKL have rich experience in working with Chinese suppliers, deep understanding how smartphones are made and connections in telecom industry.


IT TEST is a team of software developers and quality assurance professinals delivering complex solutions for mobile platforms, sport tech, block chain and manufacturing . We are sixty people strong and among our clients are large IT companies, top 3 Bank in Russia, major broadcasting corporation. We have rich experience and passion for QA testing automation and machine learning. We offer full stack development and using all the latest methodologies and frameworks.

IT TEST Website


NKL is the Engineering Consulting and System Integrator for OEM/ODM projects. It is founded by a team of telecom professionals with years of experience in launching hardware projects. NKL offers comprehensive service from platform selection and vendor audit, to Mechanical and Electronic design, Hardware Testing, Project Management, and QC. NKL is working with large IT companies, System Integrators, Consumer electronics brands and Telecom Companies from around the world.

NKL Website

Our team

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    Founder and CEO

    In Product Development from 2011, University of Manchester MBA degree.

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    In Electronics Industry from 2010, Big experience in Supply Chain management.

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    Mechanical Engineer

    More than 16 years of experience. Knows the production process in and out.

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    Software Engineer

    Experienced Software engineer. Familiar wirth all the latest methodologies.

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