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FATS.AI application suite
FATS.AI is a hardware QA testing automation platform. We automate QA testing of smartphones, tablets and IOT devices. We have solutions for Factory and Trade-In

A smartphone or a tablet have to be properly tested at the factory after it was assembled. Samsung, Apple and other A brands have automated testing by using robots and expensive proprietary software. But many other smartphone brands , local kings in their home countries, and most of the Chinese ODMs still rely on outdated manual testing, have no control over the process and no analytics.

We give control back to the customer! With FATS.AI they can monitor production output in real time and see detailed statistics for defects found. Calendar view offers convenient way of tracking production progress.

Powerful analytics for Battery, Microphone, GPS and others provide actionable insights. Our proprietary Computer Vision technology allows to quickly scan the LCD for most common defects: bad pixels, watermarks and scratches. Computer Vision technology automatically analyses an image and display results in dashboard instantly.

FATS.AI be installed on clients own server or accessed from our cloud and integrates perfectly with any ERP and CRM system.

Advanced computer vision

Retail stores can generate significant revenue by offering the trade-in option for customers. The phones have to be properly tested in store before acceptance in order to make a quote.When an old smartphone is submitted for trade in it must be properly tested. Manual testing is slow, tedious and unreliable. Out solution automates the testing process and saves the precious time

LCD and especially Touch Panel (TP) are prone to degradation over time, so it is very important to test them thoroughly. FATS.AI system can make a 4K image of the TP and LCD test, as well as housing, and send them over to the cloud using in order to analyse them in the cloud and determine any defects.

Who are we

FATS.AI was founded in March 2018 as a result of partnership between IT TEST and NKL.
ITTEST brought in its rich software development and QA testing expertise. NKL have rich experience in working with Chinese suppliers, deep understanding how smartphones are made and connections in telecom industry.

IT TEST is a team of software developers and quality assurance professinals delivering complex solutions for mobile platforms, sport tech, block chain and manufacturing . We are sixty people strong and among our clients are large IT companies, top 3 Bank in Russia, major broadcasting corporation. We have rich experience and passion for QA testing automation and machine learning. We offer full stack development and using all the latest methodologies and frameworks.


NKL is the Engineering Consulting and System Integrator for OEM/ODM projects. It is founded by a team of telecom professionals with years of experience in launching hardware projects. From platform selection and vendor audit, to Mechanical and Electronic design, Hardware Testing, Project Management, and QC. We are working with large IT companies, System Integrators, Consumer electronics brands and Telecom Companies from around the world.


What is so unique?

Currently there are NO testing automation system that provides analytics to the customer that can be integrated in the factory at almost no cost. There are either expensive robots or the old manual testing, with nothing in between.

We came up with an ingenious solution how to pass all the information to the cloud without installing expensive hardware. This is our main innovation that we have patented in China. We are in the process of applying for a patent in Czech Republic. Also, FATS.AI trademark registration is pending in China and Hong Kong.

We offer individual approach and can highly customise FATS.AI for client’s requirements. We have a Dedicated technical support and project management team in China

FATS.AI will change the way android devices are being tested at the facory. There is no reason why the current backward system should exist. We aim to become the default standard for the industry.

Management team
nik CEo China
lisa coo China
Alex cto russia
Our team
igor frontend developer
Alexey backend developer
eugene qa
Artem Android developer
Alex Android developer
jason senior FAE ENGINEER china
sara project manager china
albert fae engineer china
Office in shenzhen
Summit participation
Different platforms
currently available
  • Android Smartphone
  • Android tablet
  • sailfish os devices
in development
  • Smartwatch
  • iot devices
  • windows devices
  • Smart speaker
  • feature phones
  • pos terminal
General structure of the system

The middle-ware server (a small computer) to collect information from any device and transmit it securely to the cloud using Wi-Fi or 4G connection. FATS.AI can be easily integrated into any device running Android, Linux or Windows, and does not require installation of any expensive equipment at the factory. Thus the client gets the vital information about the output and defects analytics without hurting the bottom line.

Automatic tests

All the tests can be executed in all three solutions: Factory, Refurbishment and After Sales service

Semi-Automatic Tests
  • Multi touch
  • SIM Card
  • SD Card
  • Microphone
  • Touchscreen
  • TP buttons
  • NFC
  • Proximity Sensor
Manual tests
  • Flashlight
  • Loud speaker
  • Headset
  • Backlight
  • Display (RGB)
  • Vibration
  • Receiver
Smartphone Testing App
Powerful analytics
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