Testing & Analytics

Telecom Industry have changed

quality of Smartphones became paramount

in the last 5 years many mobile phone companies have perished

Because the inferior quality of their products customer trust was lost and sales declined High DOA and RMA rates resulted in big after sales costs

only companies focused on quality will survive

Companies must embrace the CHANGE in quality expectation

Fats.ai application suite
  • incoming quality control (iqc)
  • production line
  • finished goods inspection
  • trade-In outlets
After sales
  • After sales service center
End user
  • google play
  • Apple app store
Different platforms
Currently available
  • Android Smartphone
  • Android tablet
  • Sailfish os devices
In development
  • Smartwatch
  • Iot devices
  • All windows devices
  • Apple iphone
  • Smart speaker
  • Apple ipad
  • Feature phones
FATS.AI™ Factory
Any electronic device have to be properly tested at the factory after it was assembled. Many brands and Chinese ODMs still rely on outdated manual testing, have no control over the process and no analytics. FATS.AI™ is a versatile solution that that can be easily installed at any factory. FATS.AI™ uses AI and Computer Vision algorithms to provide useful analytics
Key features include
Patent & trademark

FATS.AI have been patented in China. Also we are in the process of applying for a patent in Czech Republic. We will apply for new patents in future as we update the components of the system.

As well as that, FATS.AI trademark registration is pending in China and Hong Kong

Automatic tests
Semi-Automatic Tests
  • Multi touch
  • SIM Card
  • SD Card
  • Microphone
  • Touchscreen
  • TP buttons
  • Fingerprint
  • NFC
  • Proximity Sensor
Manual tests
  • Flashlight
  • Loud speaker
  • Headset
  • Backlight
  • Display (RGB)
  • Vibration
  • Wireless charging
  • Receiver
  • Pressure sensor
Smartphone Testing App
Smartphone Testing App
Computer vision LCD quality Control
using AI Neural Network

Imagine a customer opening a brand new phone she just bought only to discover a nasty bad pixel or watermark on the screen. What a dissapointment! Unfortunately LCD defects are very common and workers at the factory can easily miss them, even at the larger factories.

Our proprietary Computer Vision technology specially developed for FATS.AI allows to quickly scan the LCD for most common defects: bad pixels, watermarks and scratches. Computer Vision technology automatically analyses an image an display results in dashboard instantly. This can seriously lower down percentage of defective LCDs and dramatically improve the DOA rate!

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